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Hi I’m Alisha!
I’m 5’6.5 (haha that .5 is important. “I wanna grow up and be 5’10 like Cindy Crawford. I hope someone somewhere gets that reference”) For months I’ve contemplated submitting to this a hundred times but I always felt I wasn’t skinny enough. Then I looked at the first picture and knew that I’d come a long way.  (That’s a Halloween costume btws. I was Eve and it was homemade. Please don’t judge me ha). You don’t really see the difference until you look at pictures you want to burn. I absolutely love my body now but I am going to lose more weight. Here are my stats DRUM ROLL PLEASE 
Starting: 261
Currrent Weight:206
Goal Weight: 150-160
I have a blog with my friend Nicole. It’s called 2-fitgirls . I have more explanation for how I did it there and how I’m going to continue to do it so I hope you follow it. I’m not done but I’ve come a hell of a long way. It is possible so don’t give up! A key thing I kept telling myself is that it doesn’t matter the speed that you’re going, it’s that you’re moving. Alright I hope I’ve inspired someone. Alright byeeeee!
JK I’ll be back when I’m 150-160 

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No amount of you “dieting” is going to fix a shitty work ethic and a piss poor training routine. Conversely no amount of “intensive training” is going to make up for piss poor nutrition.

Get your nutrition in line with your goals. 
Get your training in line with your goals.
Get your recovery/hydration in line with your goals. 
Get your mindset in line with your goals.
Be patient. 

Stop looking for a quick fix or “The secret” and do work the right way. 

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